In 2000 year , the geologist , hydrogeologist and engineer of mines Albert Bosch began his professional career as a consultant in the areas of geotechnical , surveying and engineering field.

After 11 years of activity in technical consulting , and due to the expansion of areas of work in 2011 with the help of other professionals born Pleiades Enginyeria i Consultoria , SL.

Today, with professional office in Parets del Vallés and Sabadell, Pleiades Enginyeria i Consultoria , SL a technical team of engineers and architects serves, among others , in the fields of studies prior to construction and land (geotechnical , surveying and environmental ) projects for the construction, management and control civil engineering, infrastructure and technical development as well as aerial imaging  (mapping , aerial photography panoramic photos up cadastral , aerial video inspection of walls, roofs , inaccessible facilities , etc … .)